Trigger Module

The easiest way to enhance your acoustic drum kit with studio quality drum sounds

General Description

The life of a professional drummer is not without pressure. From job to job, you'll have to move quickly to set up your acoustic drum kit, find the perfect sound, satisfy your audience, fellow musicians, sound engineers and the most important paying client.
But it's a big challenge when you're playing with a traditional kit. Acoustics can vary greatly from venue to venue and stage should be equipped with special foams to reduce disturbing waves, reverberation and flutter echoes. Mixing engineers all have a different approach. You may be presented with unfamiliar equipment, or unsatisfactory microphone quality and quantity or asked to reproduce the sound of drums from a studio recording.
Life becomes much easier when you add the papDrumz to your favorite acoustic drum kit. Smart and simple, this new trigger module gives you instant and reliable access to every drum sound, on every stage you play using your android device.

Category:   Drums & percussion



A convenient and affordable way to create a high-quality sound

The first Trigger Module compatible with all Android devices that gives you a hassle-free way to bring the power of studio quality sounds to your acoustic drum kit. With its wireless embedded solution, compact size and very affordable price, papDrumz is considered as the easiest way to trigger sounds and complement your acoustic drums on stage.

Trigger Inputs for all acoustic drum triggers and electronic pads

The module is equipped with six inputs for connecting single and dual trigger devices. These triggers can be easily adjusted thanks to the simplicity of the papDrumz user interface which gives you access to multi-parameters like threshold, velocity curve, trigger-sensitivity and mask-time. For best user experience, we recommend using the DTR-25S, DTR-25D and DTR-50.

Ready-to-play professional sounds for enhancing acoustic drums in live performances

In high-level playing situations, professional drummers and sound engineers strive to create high-quality sounds when amplifying live acoustic drums through a PA system. Using papDrumz, it's easy and fast to get the highest sound quality thanks to a wide range of acoustic sounds optimized for layering with acoustic drums, as well as a generous selection of electronic sounds for modern music genres.

User Sound Expansion via cloud

The papDrumz gives to their users easy access to cloud-based music production (CBMP) services through their Android devices to provide drummers with large libraries of audio samples. The downloadable samples are recorded and mastered in professional recording studios which has made the sound libraries ready for direct use and does not need to be edited.


• Compact trigger module compatible with all Android devices with 6 trigger inputs

• 5 trigger inputs that support single drum triggers and one input that support dual drum triggers

• Wireless communication between trigger module and the android device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

• Real-time triggering with less than 10 ms of audio latency

• Android application with low energy consumption that runs for up to 8 hours in phone standby mode

• Simple and intuitive user interface for calling up drum kits as drummer perform

• Fast access to multi-parameters like threshold, velocity curve, trigger sensitivity and mask-time for each drum trigger

• Over than 1500 high-quality sounds are included, ranging from acoustic drums to modern electronic sounds

• Over than 100 ready-to-play professional drum kits suitable for all genres

• Free access to gigabytes of samples and sounds using cloud storage to provide drummers with a large downloadable libraries of audio samples


Width: 100 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Height: 40 mm
Weight: 150g
Color: Black
Connectors: TRIG IN: 5 x Mono Jack x 5: 6,35 mm and 1x Stereo Jack: 6,35 mm
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Options (sold separately): Acoustic Drum Trigger: DTR series




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