Official launch of the trigger module papDrumz

After so much research, development and testing on stage, Papritech officially launches its product named papDrumz developed to enhance the acoustic drum kit with studio quality drum sounds.
The new Trigger Module is a wireless embedded solution consisting of a tiny module with six trigger inputs that support both single and dual acoustic drum triggers and can be connected easily to any android device allowing the drummer to trigger sounds and complement his acoustic drums on stage.

The revolutionary strength of papDrumz is the redefinition of the concept of drum triggering that is no longer based on the use of classic electronic modules but rather smart devices with easy access to gigabytes of drum samples and sounds using cloud storage to provide drummers with a large downloadable libraries of audio samples giving the drummer in his hands a practical solution with striking sound quality from the very first seconds of playing.

For more details, please visit this link:
Via the same link mentioned above, you can also pre-order your Trigger Module and set out to conquer new sounds and modes of expression.

Added 2 months ago.