Papritech participates in the international forum of CIOs

Throughout the history of mankind, crises were generally synonymous with stagnation, slowdown and even regression.

However with the pandemic of the COVID-19 and despite the worrying context and the multiple difficulties met in all the countries of the planet as well on the economic level as on the social level, this crisis was a particular accelerator of the adoption of the digital for many companies. It has brought about new innovations and digital habits.

In this 7th edition, the international forum of CIOs has been organized on October 21, 22 and 23, 2021 at the Medina Yassmine Hammamet in a hybrid format. Circumstance obliges, the theme chosen for this edition is: "CRISIS : DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ACCELERATOR! "

During its participation, PAPRITECH gave a demonstration followed by a presentation of its "papDrumz" solution and how the smartphone today could be a powerful tool to convert acoustic signals into electronic signals in real time.

The public was was very interested by the concept of "papDrumz" and many claimed that this would be a revolution in the field of processing acoustic signals into electronic signals.

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