Acoustic Drum Trigger

The best performance for hybrid drumming

General Description

Using a kick trigger allows you to drastically alter the sound of your bass drum without having to swap out your drums, heads, or change tunings. This is especially useful in live settings where you can give each song its own unique feel in a pinch.
With high trigger sensitivity, quick and easy installation, and compatibility with all bass drums, the DTR-50 series, designed and manufactured within PAPRITECH, sets a new standard for anyone who wants to explore the world of hybrid drumming. Developed specifically for use on any standard bass drum, the DTR-50 offers a fast and accurate release in a super-robust unit made of fiberglass and simple to install at the same time. The sensor has a self-guiding mount that aims to put it in its optimal position against the drum-head, without the need for difficult mechanical adjustment after mounting.

Category:   Drums & percussion



Quick and easy installation

Well designed with many refinements including a more reliable clamp which allows the triggers to fit a wide range of hoops including those with an inward-facing top flange such as the S-Hoop. Thanks to the self-guided mounting system, the DTR-50 unit adjusts automatically to the distance between sensor and drum head and will set sensors to optimum positioning so that you can play immediately, no tweaking necessary, simply plug and play!

High trigger sensitivity

Very accurate and sensitive sensor that works perfectly with all types of heads and bass drums sizes. Thanks to its optimal response curve, you don't need to worry about missing a beat or misfiring during play and you only need a very short time to adjust it and get the perfect response.

Super-robust unit made of fiberglass with a wide range of customizable colors

A super-robust unit made of fiberglass which highly increases its resistance to shocks and accidents. Unit color can be customized according to the user's choice.


• Advanced trigger device for playing electronic sources from any acoustic standard bass drum

• Compatible with most of Trigger Module

• Designed with self-guided mount to make its installation easy and fast

• Protective grip prevents marring of wood drum hoops

• Super-robust unit made from fiberglass with a wide range of customizable colors


Trigger: Single
Width: 38 mm
Depth: 111 mm
Height: 62 mm
Weight: 80 g
Material: Fiberglass
Color: Customizable
Connectors: TRS connector




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